Election 2020 Workout Plan*

The 2020 Election is a few days shy of a year from now. If you’re super okay with Trump as president, McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, Barr as AG and a number of Republican down-ballot candidates winning , as well as some truly odious state ballot measures passing, do nothing more than vote. There’s really … Continue reading Election 2020 Workout Plan*

I too, was separated from my parents and given a number.

When I was a baby I was separated from my parents. The details are lost, but the story is that when I was days or weeks old I was left in a box on the steps in front of a police station in Seoul Korea. I’ve always assumed my mother voluntarily left me, given the … Continue reading I too, was separated from my parents and given a number.

Flipping the Bird

I’m leaving Twitter today, not exactly earth shaking news--even to my 33 followers--but it’s been a long time coming and it was a easy decision after reading Lindy West’s article I Quit Twitter And It Feels Great.  I've realized that every time I'm on Twitter I walk away feeling even more anxious and angry than … Continue reading Flipping the Bird