Flipping the Bird


I’m leaving Twitter today, not exactly earth shaking news–even to my 33 followers–but it’s been a long time coming and it was a easy decision after reading Lindy West’s article I Quit Twitter And It Feels Great.  I’ve realized that every time I’m on Twitter I walk away feeling even more anxious and angry than I do normally. Believe me, there’s a lot out there to give a progressive like me an ulcer. But this bit in West’s article made it easier to flip the bird:

The internet makes neighbors of us all, and my conscience demanded I put some virtual real estate between myself and the befuddled, racist mobster seemingly determined to dismantle and loot the republic. If seeding nuclear war wasn’t a violation of Twitter’s terms of service, then Twitter wasn’t a service I wanted to endorse.

Ever since the election Trump’s tweets have felt like:


There is no story in Twitter, but rather it’s the equivalent of an global id of fast food morsels tossed out on a parking lot. And like squawking gulls, most of us snarf the information; leaving us for a moment feeling full of indignation, fury or sadness, yet strangely empty hours later. Other reasons I’m quitting? Since I follow a lot of people with whom I agree and respect, Twitter often feels like an echo chamber, another place to get confirmation bias. I find enough of that on Facebook. I’ve already mentioned the anger and anxiety I feel reading about all the bad shit going down, and I’ve realized that unless a horde of zombies are shambling down the street, there are better ways to stay informed and not raise my cortisol levels.  Finally, while for me Twitter’s not a total time sink–I’m looking at you Facebook–it doesn’t make me feel productive, so unplugging it feels freeing.

Baby steps.

There will be a few I miss following on Twitter including Ana Navarro, David Simon,  Patton Oswalt , and of course Dylan (she’s just going to have to text me!) But the one I’m going to miss the most will be The Thoughts of Dog.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.33.34 PM


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.34.24 PM

Didn’t we once say that on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog? Given where we stand, historically speaking, maybe we’d be better off if most of our social media was left to the dogs, cats and birds?


**My Twitter stats: I’ve tweeted 487 times, 90% of those retweets, I followed 196 tweeters (can’t say they’re all people) and have liked 5, 499 tweets.


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