Fluent in Love

You can write a better love story. In case you haven’t noticed, today is Valentine’s Day and while romantic love seems to be the focus of every advertisement, not only are there are a multitude of different types of love, but there are also multiple ways to love.    One of the most interesting books … Continue reading Fluent in Love

2019: My Year in Story

Just a few of the titles I've read this year. So that's where my money went... At one point last year, probably as a New Year’s Resolution, I announced that I would read 52 books in 2019 as an attempt to repair my broken brain, plus 52 seemed a neat number because I was turning … Continue reading 2019: My Year in Story

Our Final Story?

What do an uninhabitable planet, decision making and storytelling have in common? Everything, if you read The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis and The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Callo in quick succession. Unless you’ve been living under a rock—of which there may only be a few left after the … Continue reading Our Final Story?