Hindsight: 2020

Regret is such a short word…and yet it stretches on forever.” Renata Suzuki I, like many, thought in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was certain to win. Donald Trump was showing us who he was on a daily basis. The Access Hollywood tape, asking Russia to hack the DNC, calling women pigs,bankrupting two casinos and stiffing contractors were just examples of his lack of … Continue reading Hindsight: 2020

How many tiny ripples make a wave?

This is Tsu (Tsunami) a big beautiful blue wave created by a local PDX Democracy Club. Every action during the 2018 midterms garnered a sticker, representing a drop in the wave. Perhaps you’re like me, inspired, excited and charged to make change, and five minutes later, whatever new action you want to take looks too … Continue reading How many tiny ripples make a wave?