Chasing the Unbelievable

I didn’t really plan on it, but ended up reading two books that were bookends to the historic 2016 presidential election. They were Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History by Katy Tur and Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling by Amy Chozick.* No matter … Continue reading Chasing the Unbelievable

Government is the People

The longest government shut down in our history has just completed 31 days and even if there is an end in sight—which I hope there is, but I’m not optimistic—there’s something that has become painfully clear. Government is the people. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was not only was famous for his “Fourscore and seven years ago” … Continue reading Government is the People