Movie Monday: Black Panther Roars


If you’ve heard that Black Panther is one of the most inspiring super hero films for its representation of Africans and African Americans, it’s true.

If you’ve read that the world building in the movie is all sorts of crazy-good, it’s true.

If you’ve noticed that this movie is chock full of ideas and themes that are almost painful to consider given all the historical what-ifs, it’s true.

If you’ve seen the lines at the theaters and think there’s something different about this Marvel Movie, it’s true.

If you’ve ever thought that a movie with just a couple of white actors and no white protagonist could crush box office records, It’s true.

Just go see it. Maybe even see it twice. I went this weekend, and I’m planning to go again because there’s that much to absorb.

*This is a bit different than my usual movie reviews because there is so much good writing about the movie that I wanted to share the links and let you read for yourself what’s going on.

**Spoiler Alert. This is a Marvel movie, so stay till the bitter end of the credits!!

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