Riding that Horse


Lately I’ve been feeling something missing from my life. It’s an element of fun, mixed with mastery; a possible money pit that could become a side gig. What I need is a hobby. Usually this is what you say to someone who’s being destructive and would benefit from a little re-direction (hey Jared why don’t you go take up pickling?) go get a hobby and leave us alone. I remember while in law school my friends were procrastinating during one of our epic study sessions and imagining what sort of animal each of us would be. Sara was a camel (I think it was for her steadfast steadiness) and they decided I was a bear. A bear cub to be specific, because I had shown a propensity to get in trouble when I wasn’t focused. It was an insight that has stayed with me over the years and I’m honoring it.

So what hobby should I pursue? Today I wandered into a knitting store, just to feel the yarn and look at the pretty colors and walked out with two skeins of yarn and no idea what I will do with them. I used to knit, but carpel tunnel syndrome and an inability to count made it difficult to get past the basic knit purl 20 yard long scarf. I was inspired to make a cobwebby scarf, but have no idea where to start. I would make jewelry, except that I don’t wear it enough to have an appreciation for what would be trendy or stylish and I can’t really manipulate the small pieces of metal. It might have to do with having really shitty motor skills as a kid–thanks malnutrition–and so even writing happy birthday in frosting looks like a Picasso sketch. I’ve thought of pottery and glass blowing, but they produce lots of fragile, heavy things that can break and I am such a minimalist that I don’t see a place for my creations in the one room, white cube I hope to call home someday. Reading, going to movies and watching TV could be considered hobbies, but they feel so passive, and I want something where I create some sort of output, just an output that I can hide under the bed, or pass out to friends. Forget boating, horse riding, Renaissance Faires or anything that involves a huge outlay of cash for everything involved.

I guess I could say travel is my hobby, but that sounds kind of aimless and amorphous. Yay! I like to sit on airplanes and get lost in all sorts of markets, want to meet up? Oh, so that’s where all our money goes?? Never mind not wanting an expensive hobby, though in our budget it falls into the category of continuing education.

This is where I am today. Hoping for some inspiration, a little direction and any suggestions you may have on a possible hobby for me.

One thought on “Riding that Horse

  1. Phyllis says:

    You write very well about your travels also. And you are pretty darn good chef! Do those count? Our is the best of all worlds blending work and hobby?


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