The Art of Politics/The Politics of Art

Politics is the name we give to the orchestration of power in any society—Robert McKee—only the Godfather of storytelling. My original post today was going to be of a movie review. I am hoping to start something I call Movie Monday, where I get to share with you my insights of the best, or most … Continue reading The Art of Politics/The Politics of Art

A Field Guide to Pedestrian

  Well, 2017 is officially on the calendar and if you’re like me, 2016 seemed like a bruiser of a year, even if you didn’t personally lose a loved one, job or sense of purpose. Since my last posting I’ve been sitting on my butt, either watching movies, reading, or driving while something called the … Continue reading A Field Guide to Pedestrian

Why story?

One of my favorite conversation topics center around media. Books, movies or TV shows. That and politics. A couple years ago I was having dinner with someone who started dissing the TV show Breaking Bad, though I’m not sure she had even watched an entire episode. Her complaints were that it was “violent” (It is … Continue reading Why story?